3 Essential Steps For Bed Bug Elimination

Do you wake up in the morning itching and scratching? Have you discovered speckles of dark red and/or black covering your sheets? If this description sounds like you, there's a good chance that you have been infested with bed bugs. Contrary to what some people believe, bed bugs do not seek out people who are dirty or who have dirty houses. While a dirty house may have more places for bed bugs to hide in, they are perfectly happy moving into homes that are otherwise clean and well-kept. This can make getting rid of them difficult but you can make things easier by following these steps:

Call in a professional: Most pests can be difficult to get rid, of but bed bugs can be especially tenacious. Bed bugs are immune to most conventional insecticides that you can find at your local store. When you contact one of your local bed bug removal services, they will send out someone who both has the experience to locate their hiding places and who has access to various products that will be better at getting rid of your bed bugs. This will help to get rid of the infestation more speedily than you'd be able to do on your own.

Clean out your closet: Whether you've got a closet packed with clothes or you just have the basic essentials, now is the time to pull everything out and reorganize. One of the best hiding places for bed bugs is within your clothes. Since bed bug removal services can't spray your clothes, you'll have to deal with them yourself. Fortunately, as resilient as bed bugs are, they are killed relatively easily by the heat of a dryer. Put your clothing in the dryer for at least an hour to kill any bed bugs within and then pack them immediately into air-tight storage bags to prevent reinfestation.

Move your furniture: Bed bugs love to hide in the cracks and crevices that are formed when furniture is pressed up against the walls. Leave at least two inches between the walls and any furniture, both to allow access by your local bed bug removal services professional and to eliminate hiding places. In some instances, you may have to throw out a piece of furniture because it cannot be treated. The professional will tell you whether this is the case and, if so, will advise you on how to do this safely without infecting other homes.

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