Dealing With Pests In Your Rental Property

If you rent a property to tenants, you may find that you have to treat your property for pests from time to time. In areas that have a lot of bug problems, you may need to set up recurring services.

Bugs and Rentals

People do not want to move into a house or apartment that has an insect problem. It doesn't matter what kind of insect it is, the idea of it is not something that is comfortable. There are a lot of different kinds of insects you may have to deal with, but ants, roaches, spiders, and other insects attracted to the warmth or food may be crawling around in your property.

Checking the Property

When a tenant moves out of the property, most owners will clean the property or have a cleaning service come in and clean the home. When you are cleaning, make sure to pull out the appliances and clean under them and open all the cupboards and look inside. While you are cleaning, take note of any droppings or dead insects that you see in the home. 

If you see droppings but no insects or mice in the home, that does not mean they are not there. It is still essential to have the house treated by a pest control company to ensure that if there are some rodents or insects in the home, they will not be there for long. 

Treating the Property

The pest control company will treat your property for the insects or rodents they see evidence of in or around the property. Be sure to tell them what you saw during the cleaning of the property or take some pics that you can show to them when they arrive. If you can, it is an excellent idea to wait and clean after the pest control company has treated the home so they can see what is happening inside before treating. 

Recurring Treatments

For some pests, it is essential to treat the property several times or to set up a monthly visit that will kill anything in the home, and keep any insects or other pests from coming in after the initial treatment. Once the pests are out of the house, keeping them out can be hard without some preventative treatments.

Most pest control companies will work with you to set up a plan that they feel will provide the right level of protection and can work with your budget requirements. For more information, visit sites like

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