2 Ways to Handle Bees and Wasps at Your House

With spring comes bees, wasps, and other stinging insects. You don't want those things to make a home at your house, so what can you do to avoid the problem or to take care of it once the insects have established themselves at your house?

Get Rid of Stumps

One of the best ways to prevent bees and wasps from making themselves at home on your property is to get rid of their habitat. Insects that hive, like bees and wasps, like to live in old rotting stumps or logs because there is plenty of soft wood and lots of holes, which gives them plenty of places to make their hives. Those rotting logs and stumps are also reasonably safe for the insects. It's hard for their predators to get in to get them, which means that they are going to be nice and safe. So, making sure that you get rid of those things will make sure that the insects aren't going to have a home. 

Call an Exterminator

If you have had problems with bees and wasps in the past, then you might want to call an exterminator and talk to them about coming to your house and doing an evaluation for you. They can look at your house and help you figure out where bees and wasps may be able to get into your house. The exterminator may also be able to tell you some ways to seal up those weaknesses in your defenses. For example, if you have a hole in your eaves, you might not think that it's all that much a problem, but it only takes a little hole for a bee or wasp to climb in and start a hive. But, if you seal up that hole, it will be nearly impossible for bugs to get in. The exterminator may not seal it up for you, but they can suggest that you seal it up with a piece of wire mesh or a screen until you can get a better fix for it. If you do that, make sure that the screen or mesh is larger than the hole so that if there is any weakness in the wood around the hole, it will still be covered. 

If you have bees and wasps or you want to avoid them, there are things that you can do to get rid of them. That can include calling an exterminator service to help you out. 

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