Springtime Pests And What To Do About Them

Homeowners often look forward to the sunny weather and warmer temperatures of spring. You may welcome the exit of winter, but you probably aren't looking forward to dealing with some of the pests that can emerge in the springtime.

It's important to identify these pests early so that you can take action to prevent them from compromising the comfort of your spring and summer months.


One of the most common unwanted springtime visitors is the ant. Ants seek shelter inside your home from the spring rains and the heat of the sun. Most residential properties provide ants with access to food, water, and shelter that is needed to support the growth of a colony.

While some homeowners view ants as nothing more than mere pests, these insects can be a real problem. Ants can contaminate food products, and some species even bite humans. Have a pest control specialist locate the main nest if you spot ants in your home. Only be taking out the nest can you completely eradicate a colony of ants this spring.


Another pesky insect associated with spring is the mosquito. Almost everyone has experienced the itchy, red results of a mosquito bite. These insects can cause significant discomfort. They can also pose a health risk because they carry diseases like the Zika virus, the West Nile virus, and malaria.

Mosquitoes are attracted to stagnant pools of water. Since spring runoff creates many of these pools, springtime is when mosquitoes emerge in full force. You should ensure that your yard is free of standing water and mud that might attract mosquitoes.

It can also be helpful to have a pest control specialist come to your home and spray for mosquitoes to prevent these biting insects from interrupting the time you spend outdoors this spring and summer.


The buzzing of a housefly inside your home can be enough to drive you crazy. These flies typically emerge in the springtime and find their way into your home through open windows and doors. Flies are usually attracted to exposed food, crumbs, and spills.

Houseflies can spread disease by leaving germs behind on the surfaces that they land on in your home. A pest control specialist can apply a residual or contact insecticide that will kill off any houseflies that might enter your residence. These insecticide treatments will usually last throughout the spring and summer, protecting your home against the dangers associated with houseflies.

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