Why Don't Those Baits Seem To Work?

Nest-killing baits are a fantastic way to control pests in your home, or at least, they are most of the time. Sometimes the baits appear not to work, and you have to wonder whether you've got a defective batch or if something else is wrong. While it is possible that the baits are bad, chances are that the reason is a lot more mundane and usually fixable, and sometimes the reason does require calling in a professional pest control company to totally finish the job because of a particular issue that is beyond your control.

You're Expecting Results Too Soon

Much of the time, the baits don't seem to work because you're expecting results too soon. Baits are supposed to have a delayed reaction; the bugs take the baits back to the nests so that the bait poison can't start working until a safe amount of time has passed to allow a return journey. Plus, the little bits of bait that the bugs can bring back individually aren't enough to zap the entire nest in one go. You need that constant stream of live bugs bringing back bait that the bugs in the nest will share. This can take a couple of days.

You've Got the Wrong Baits

It's possible you've got baits meant for a different variety of bug. For example, some ants like sweet baits and others prefer fatty baits. If you use the wrong bait, you won't see an effect. A pest control service can identify the bugs and treat your home, and if you see the bugs again in the future, you'll have a better idea of how to treat them.

You Don't Use Other Methods of Pest Control

Baits do nothing if you don't clean up other food sources. Keep food wrapped up and take out the garbage frequently. Clean your sink and have the garbage disposal cleaned out or use baking soda and vinegar frequently. Seal up holes where the bugs are finding access to your place.

You've Got New Populations in Old Nests

Possibly the most frustrating version of events is when you get the right baits, use the right amount, wait the right amount of time, and then see more and more bugs. What could be happening is that new groups of bugs are populating the old nests. This is common for a lot of insects, so you need to seal up the nests. You can't really do that on your own, but a pest control service can find and destroy the actual nest.

Long story short, if you're attempting DIY pest control, make sure you clean up your place, remove anything that could attract the pests, wait a suitable amount of time for your methods to start working, and contact a pest control service by visiting websites like http://www.albemarlepestsolutions.com if your methods don't work so that you can find a service that does work. Arrange for periodic service with the pest company, too, to prevent repeat problems.

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