House Centipedes: Three Reasons Why You Cannot Leave These Insects Run Your Home

Centipedes consume dead and living creatures, depending on the scarcity of a meal. Some people consider having house centipedes a good thing because it means that you will not have other insects around. The problem is that centipedes can also be pests. Here are three reasons why you cannot leave these insects run around in your home and why you should call a pest control company to deal with them on a regular basis. 

Centipedes Reproduce Rapidly

If you see one adult house centipede running around, there is a good chance that there are ten to fifty more running around in your walls or around your basement! At a minimum, these bugs produce fifteen offspring, all of which have no problem mating with each other and creating another fifteen to fifty offspring apiece after just a few months to a year after hatching themselves. If your foundation and areas of your home are especially wet or there is a lot of rotting debris around your home and in the walls or ceiling, you are encouraging their reproduction in ways you definitely do not want. 

Centipedes Will Bite

As if the thought of these multi-legged creepy-crawlies running over you at night is not enough, an exposed toe might be worth a "taste investigation" for them. Centipedes are venomous, and they will bite, although most house centipedes cannot inject you with enough venom to make you sick or kill you. Still, the thought is disgusting and terrifying enough to want to ban them from your home. 

Centipedes Can Live up to Six Years, Growing Longer Each Year and Hibernating in Winter

Centipedes grow longer and longer with each passing year. If you see a three-inch-long house centipede, there is a very good chance you are looking at the granddaddy of the clan that is running around in hiding in your home. They can live up to six years, hiding in dark spaces, running amok in your cupboards and other areas of your home that you do not frequent or expose with light, and hibernate in winter, making them nearly impossible to find and kill. Worse still, they hibernate in cracks in the foundation of your home because they can flatten their bodies and legs to fit in concrete cracks. The only way to truly rid yourself of them is to have pest control specialist spray the entire foundation of your home and along the baseboards upstairs. 

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