Commercial Pest Services Help You Control Bugs And Rodents In Your Office Cafeteria And Kitchen

Pests are always a concern for commercial buildings, but when your building has a cafeteria and kitchen, bugs and rodents are a bigger issue. They'll be attracted to food odors, and their presence could be a disaster for your company if customers, inspectors, and employees see pests in the dining areas. That's why commercial pest control measures are so important. Here are some services you may need so you can prevent pest infestations in your building.

Monitoring For Pest Activity

A pest control professional will watch for signs of pest activity while applying monthly treatments. This might include noticing insect bodies, gnaw marks from rodents, and droppings from rodents and bugs. Being aware of an increase in pests helps the exterminator adjust the treatments your building needs. The pest control service can monitor for rodents, roaches, ants, and other pests by looking for signs of their presence and leaving out traps.

Identifying Areas That Attract Pests

A commercial pest control expert can identify problems on your property that attract bugs such as a dumpster that's close to the building that's not kept covered. You might need to move plants away from the foundation, declutter the back of the building to remove hiding places for pests, fix water leaks in the kitchen, and seal up entry holes where bugs and rodents can enter the building.

Using Pesticides Effectively

Depending on the size and nature of your building, you may need monthly pest control treatments. The frequency of the treatments and the products used will be carefully planned out by the pest control company so they are the most effective for your building. You may not need treatments as often, but if you have a kitchen and cafeteria where crumbs may be left and food odors are strong, you'll want regular treatments that keep roaches and rodents away from your building. Your exterminator may use liquid treatments, traps, or bait to keep pests under control.

Helping Pass Inspections

When you have regular commercial pest services, the company provides you with documentation you can keep for your building records. These may be required when your kitchen is inspected by the health department. Besides having documentation, an important benefit of regular pest control treatments is that they keep bugs out of the kitchen so no bug bodies or droppings are found when the area is inspected.

When you leave pest control of your building to the experts, you won't have to devote a lot of time to the issue yourself. The company will come in on schedule to inspect and treat your building so you stay on top of pest problems. However, you'll need to train your kitchen staff on proper sanitation techniques so your kitchen stays clean and free of garbage, crumbs, and stains that attract pests.

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