2 Natural Ways To Keep Termites From Invading Your House

If you have a lot of wood trim and boards on your home's exterior, you may worry about termites finding vulnerable areas and deciding to move in. However, you may not want to spray toxic chemicals on your house and in your yard to keep them away. If so, consider using one or both of the following naturals ways to help keep termites from invading your house.

1.  Lay Cedar Mulch Around Your Home's Foundation

While termites flock to wood as a food source and nesting place, there are some woods that they do not like at all. Cedar is one of these types of woods. Not only do they not like the taste of cedar, but the odor from the wood repulses them, which helps keep the insects away.

To help add a layer of protection around your house, lay cedar mulch around your foundation. When you lay the mulch, just make sure you leave a couple of inches between the mulch and the foundation so that the area directly next to your house does not stay wet.

If you have a wooden porch or deck, consider putting a layer in the space underneath the structure. Since these add-ons tend to attract termites, having the cedar under your porch or deck can help keep them away.

2.  Apply Orange Oil to Any Exposed Exterior Wood

Along with putting mulch along the sides of your home and under your wooden structures, you can also use orange oil to naturally treat any exposed exterior wood around your house. The d-limonene that is present in the oil tastes terrible to termites, so even if they decide to try the wood, they will not like the flavor and will move on.

Even if some termites do manage to get past the flavor, they will not live long enough to enjoy it. When the insects ingest the oil, it works from the inside out to dissolve the bugs' exoskeletons, which will kill them fairly quickly.

To apply the orange oil, put about a quarter of a cup in a gallon of water; then use a wide paintbrush to spread the solution on the wood. While the water will evaporate, the oil will soak into the fibers. You will need to reapply this treatment at least once a month or more often if your area gets heavy rains.

While using the above natural methods can help decrease your chances of having termites in your house, they may not be enough. Contact a pest prevention service to have a professional assess your house and discuss with you further ways to keep termites from invading and destroying your home.

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