3 Tips To Control Pests In Your Yard This Summer

Summer is almost here, so you'll be outside spending more time with family and friends barbecuing, swimming in the pool, and playing in the yard. If you have pests in your yard, this outside time isn't going to be as fun for you and your family. To help control these pests outside there are things you can do to help. Read on for tips to control the pests outside in your yard.


Fleas are in most backyards, and they can be easily carried back into your home. Inside your home, they can lay eggs on your pet and bite you, your pet, and your family members. If you have fleas you need to get control of them. Spread a granular flea and insecticide in your yard to kill these pests. When sprinkling this pest killer outside, be sure to keep your dog and small children away. Read through the manufacturer's instructions for information on when you can play outside again.


Wasps are one pest you don't want around you when you're out trying to enjoy your day. Wasps may not bother you if you don't bother them, but if there is a nest nearby, they may feel that you are threatening them and could sting. Their stings can be painful and leave you with a welt. Kill wasps and their nests by using a spray pesticide specially made to kill wasps. If you can see where the nest is, keep away from it during the day and go out at night when they aren't as active. Spray the nest from a safe distance away and kill any live wasps you see with the spray as well. Knock down the nest and get rid of it to prevent wasps from returning later. Look in the corners of porches and along siding for wasp nests.


Ants outside of the house may end up in your home if you don't take care of them. Sprinkle a granular ant killer around your yard and along your foundation. If you have garden beds around your house, sprinkle the ant killer in this area as well. You may have to wet the pesticide in order to activate it. The ants will take the granules to their nests and feed off of them, which will kill them. 

Enjoy your backyard this summer without the worry of having pests ruin your good time. Call a pest control service to help you take care of these and other pests around your yard or in your home.

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