Garage Pests: What To Do

If your detached garage seems to always have insects, mouse droppings, or other signs of pest infestation, it can be troubling. You might find yourself avoiding the garage altogether. Reclaim the garage space from rodents and bugs with these simple tips.

Close Holes

While you have less control over the exterior of the garage, you have a great deal of control inside the space if you ensure critters can't enter. Holes can exist in many spots, and that's what can let rodents and other pests seek refuge inside your garage. Holes might exist in the back of cabinets, under the garage's door, or around window frames. Look for places where pests can squeeze in, and close them up with other materials. For instance, you might use duct tape to cover a hole in the wall for a while, or you can spackle it shut. Wall patches could also work.

Because holes can happen over time, ensure you're always using your eyes and hands to look for air gaps, physical holes, and other places where a pest can gain entry. You might also want to change old weatherstripping on the door that has ripped and exposes the interior, for instance.

Do Yard Cleanup

Trees, shrubs, old leaves, and other natural materials can be a perfect place for area pests to nest, rest, or eat. Whenever you let the backyard grass get out of control or fail to cut back your trees, critters are attracted to the property. To stop activity in the garage, you need to make things less friendly to pests in the area around it. Better landscaping generally causes greater exposure, which pests dislike. Therefore, keep grass very low. Keep bushes and trees in shape. You might have even greater success by eliminating as much greenery as possible from around the garage. You could also experiment with plants critters dislike, like peppermint or lavender.

Use Door Screens

While your windows might be outfitted with screens, that won't stop mosquitoes, bees, and other critters from rushing into the garage whenever the door is open. If you like using the space for wood projects, car tinkering, or other tasks during the day, rollaway screens are helpful. Because they can be rolled into place and out of place, they can provide an easy way to block some insects from joining you inside the garage.

Your garage can truly be yours again when you push pests out of the space. More help can be gleaned from a pest control service nearby.

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