Four Methods Of Backyard Mosquito Control

Summer is here! Unfortunately, so are the mosquitoes. While the internet and social media are full of supposed home remedies, such as using citronella candles, you can't always trust those things to work. Hiring a pest control service will, however. Here are four methods an exterminator will recommend to keep mosquitoes at bay in your yard this summer.

Microbial Insecticides

Microbial insecticides are insecticides that battle an insect, not with poison, but with biological warfare. Microscopic living organisms are used to kill specific species of insects rather than every insect in an area. This helps to save the beneficial bugs.

Microbial insecticides may be made from viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa (single-celled organisms like amoebae), or nematodes (worms.) For mosquitoes, the microbial insecticide typically used is bacterial. This microbial insecticide must be eaten.

It can be applied to nearby water sources in or near your yard that the larvae will then feed on, become ill, and die. Because of the rapid life cycle of the mosquito, repeated treatments are usually necessary.


Traditional and botanical insecticides can still be used to control mosquito populations. While many armchair naturalists and environmentalists believe mosquitoes can be controlled naturally, the simple truth is that they cannot be. When you consider that the mosquito is responsible for more deaths than any other living thing, using chemical insecticides becomes a matter of the greater good. Insecticides are typically used on your yard's vegetation to keep the adult mosquito away.

For example, if you have tall grass at the edge of your yard, the pest control expert will apply insecticide in this perimeter to prevent adult mosquitoes from hanging out there. Because mosquito pesticide is usually sprayed, the exterminator will generally spray only on calm days, preferably in the morning when there is less wind.

Insect Growth Regulators

Insect growth regulators work by mimicking hormones. This interrupts the mosquito's life cycle. Insect growth regulators alone won't work on adult mosquitoes, but they will mess up reproduction and the growth of eggs into larvae and larvae into adults. Other pesticides can be used with insect growth regulators to make sure that the adult mosquitoes are controlled, too.

Yard Recommendations

Your pest control expert will also make recommendations on how to make your yard less attractive to mosquitoes. For example, while you may not be able to do anything about the pond in your backyard, you can empty your bird feeder or the kiddie pool and not provide more breeding grounds.

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