Do You Have Termite Trouble?

Your home is an investment — one that you constantly have to protect. And one of the things you have to protect it against is pests, particularly termites. These nasty little insects can ruin your home slowly and make it less structurally sound.

For that reason, it's important to know the warning signs of a termite infestation. That way, you can spot potential problems early on and take care of them right away, before they have a chance to do major damage.

Strange Sounds

Your ears will sometimes let you know when there's a termite problem. Pay attention to any strange sounds coming from the walls — especially odd clicking sounds.

These sounds often indicate that you have termites, as opposed to other bugs, because termites are known for making this noise to communicate with other termites.

Whether the sounds are faint or very prevalent, they still mean you need to have a pest control professional out to take a look. Try this out or call a company in your area.

Changes In Drywall

As mentioned, termites can affect the structural integrity of your home. One of the ways they do this is by munching on your drywall. As such, if you notice any changes to your drywall, this might indicate a termite problem. Be on the lookout for sagging drywall or sudden discoloration that has no other cause.


Just like all creatures, termites leave behind droppings. So if you spot unidentified droppings, you'll know that termites or some type of insect is present.

Termite droppings tend to look like small pellets. They can be hard to spot and may be inside our outside the home, depending on where the termites are spending their time.

Inspection Results

Noticing any of these signs is a good indication that you have termites. However, the signs aren't always easy to notice. And if the infestation is still in the early stages, there may not be any signs yet.

That's why, in addition to watching out for warning signs, you should also have regular professional inspections done. Qualified pest control specialists have technology that enables them to seek out termite presence and quickly get rid of these pests, all before a single sign is evident.

Whether you have a few termites hanging around or a full-blown infestation with lots of obvious signs, the problem always gets worse with time. For this reason, you must nip the problem in the bud as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your home could be at risk.

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