How Can You Get Rid of Ladybugs In Your Home?

If you've noticed ladybugs in your home as the weather got colder outside, you are not alone. Many people experience an increase in ladybugs in their homes as the weather changes. You might wonder if you can get rid of these bugs and if they pose any risks to your home.

Here's what you should know about pest extermination and ladybugs in your home.

How Do Ladybugs Get Into the House?

Ladybugs enter the home because they are looking for food, usually aphids. They will hang out in warmer places like a house so they can hibernate or rest. This means that they will find their way in through the smallest cracks of your home.

Why Should You Care About Ladybugs?

Ladybug infestations don't seem intimidating at first. These bugs, with their bright spots and dots, seem to cause no problems. These bugs (also called lady beetles) can actually help consume other bugs sometimes.

Still, that does not mean that you want them in your home. There are different types of ladybugs, and some can infest your home in large masses. In large numbers, these bugs can cause more destruction than you would think. They can pose a serious nuisance in any home.

How Can an Exterminator or Pest Control Pro Help?

One of the best ways a pest control professional can help is by finding entrance ways for ladybugs to enter the house. They can offer suggestions for sealing your house, which is also going to prevent other types of pests from getting into your house.

Professionals can also add pesticides to the openings frequently used by pests to get into the home. For instance, they might find small areas near windows and add a bit of pesticide that will kill any insects that try to sneak in through the opening.

Is Pest Control Safe Inside the Home?

Many people worry that pesticides and other steps you can take to kill ladybugs will not be safe. If you have children or pets, it is important that you pay close attention to the pesticides used. A professional will ensure that your home is safe.

Consult With an Exterminator

Often, ladybugs are difficult to get rid of. A professional can help you get the treatment that your home needs, ensuring you are able to take steps to keep your home free of pests and bugs. Get in touch with a pest exterminator at a site like to learn more.

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