Squirrels Taking Over Your Yard? What You Should Do

Squirrels are a common pest that is usually seen outside in the trees and in forest areas, but if you have them in your yard in large quantities, or they are starting to make their way in your garage, shed, or even your home, they are a problem. These pests are very sneaky and can wreak havoc in order to get what they want and need to survive. If you have an issue with squirrels, there are a few things you can do. Read on for helpful information.

Remove Their Food Supply

If you have an issue with these pests, you may need to get rid of their food supply. If you have nut trees in your yard, it may be best to get rid of these trees, or at least remove the fallen nuts in your yard to keep from feeding these pests too much. Rake up the nuts in your yard to remove them and continue to do this to keep these pests at bay. If you have bird feeders, you may want to remove these for a little while until the squirrels leave. Other forms of food these pests may be eating include grass seed or other seeds you have in your yard, garage, or shed. You should also clean up gardens and remove food they may be eating out of your garden as well.

Block Them From Nesting

If these pests are using your garage or your shed for their nest, you need to block them from getting back inside. This means using metal sheeting to cover any holes they may have been using to gain entry. Prevent these pests from getting into your garage or shed and causing you problems. If there are babies inside, you may need to have them removed from these areas. Don't attempt to touch these pests yourself, and hire a pest control company to remove the animals from your garage or shed. Don't attempt to remove the babies or the adult squirrel, as they could have rabies or some other disease, or they could cause you injury if they bite you. Never attempt handling these types of pests.

If you have a problem with squirrels, either in your yard or in your garage or shed, you need to call a professional pest control company to have them removed for you. You can make repairs to your garage or shed to keep them from coming inside and remove their food supply, but don't attempt to handle them yourself. 

For more information, contact an animal removal company in your area. 

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