Protecting Your Home Against A Stink Bug Invasion

If you have noticed an abundance of stink bugs hanging around on your property or inside of your home, you want to take action to have them removed as soon as you possibly can. When stink bugs are present in large numbers, it is best to contact a pest control service to rid your home of them quickly. Here are some steps you can take to keep stink bugs from becoming a problem in your own home.

Seal Your Home Against Possible Invasions

Stink bugs tend to invade during the late summer or early fall months of the year. Most homeowners notice the presence of stink bugs during this time as it is the time of year when these insects will make their way toward the interiors of structures in search of warmth. To help keep stink bugs out of your home, take action in sealing all possible entryways before a problem takes place. If stink bugs are already present, the sealing process will ensure additional bugs do not make their way to the inside. Use caulk around window and door frames, patch broken siding with metal flashing, and stuff wool pieces around piping. Keep a cap on your chimney and check that shingles are secured into place.

Keep Your Lights Dim To Avoid An Infestation

Stink bugs are naturally drawn toward the light and will navigate toward your home if the illumination is noticeable. For this reason, it is wise to avoid turning on your exterior light fixtures during times when stink bugs are known to be nuisances. If you do need to use an outdoor light, consider swapping the bulb for one with a yellow tone, as stink bugs are less apt to fly toward this type of illuminary source. When nighttime arrives, make sure to draw your curtains or blinds into a shut position so illumination is not seen by stink bugs outdoors. This will help to protect your home from a stink bug infestation.

Remove Stink Bugs Quickly When Necessary

When you notice insects with shield-shaped backs inside of your home, you need to work quickly to remove them so they do not multiply. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove bugs you find inside of your home. Dispose of the contents of the collection chamber right away as stink bugs will emit a strong odor if they become crushed or threatened. If stink bugs are excessive inside of your home, call a professional pest control service for assistance in their removal.

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