Removing Bats From Inside Of Your Home

If you currently have bats living inside of your attic, garage, basement, or crawlspace, you want to take action to have them removed so they do not pose a risk to those who inhabit your home. Most people will contact a wildlife animal control service to tend to a bat problem. Here is the procedure this type of service provides so you are aware of the steps they take to ensure these animals are safely removed and relocated.

The Home Is Checked For Nesting Areas

A wildlife animal control service will send workers to your home to perform a full evaluation of the interior, exterior, and property for signs of bats. The workers will be on the lookout for nesting spots as well as the presence of baby bats, as they will need special care with removal. When nests have been located, the service will then determine how to go about removing the animals quickly and safely.

Your Home May Need A Few Alterations

In many cases, bats will vacate their nesting area during the nighttime hours and return again in the morning. This means the spot where bats have been getting in and out will need some special attention to ensure bats do not make their way back to the interior after they have left. If bats are using a window or a hole as their entry point, it will be equipped with a special door that allows bats to leave but not get back inside.

Traps May Need To Be Used

A wildlife control service may use traps to capture bats that come inside of your home. These are strategically placed and are checked by the service daily to see if bats made their way inside of them. Captured bats are then taken to another area for release so they do not continue to try to get inside of your home.

Place A New Home On The Property

Bats are more likely to leave your home alone if they have a safe spot on your property to rest between food scavaging sessions. A bat box is a wooden enclosure you can secure to a tree for this reason. These small homes allow bats to roost without worry and will help to keep bats from getting close to your home as they will already have a safe structure of their own to use. If you are interested in adding a bat box to your property, a wildlife control service can assist by making recommendations on where to acquire one that would work with your property and foliage.

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