Is It Time To Seek Termite Control Service?

Most homeowners do not think about termites until they find them in their homes. But by then, it is usually too late. Termites can cause severe wood damage in your home, compromising its structural integrity. If you suspect termites have invaded your home, it is prudent that you do not try DIY control methods but rather reach out to a certified pest control company.

This post will explore four signs it is time to enlist termite pest control services.

1. Wings and Termite Swarmers 

Termites are grouped into swarmers, soldiers, and workers. While soldiers protect the colony and workers look for food, swarmers fly around looking for mating partners to reproduce. After finding mates, swarmers shed their wings. So if you have spotted discarded wings or 'flying ants' as people call them, you probably have a colony of termites. And chances are that it is eating your wood away. Therefore, call a termite control service before it is too late.

2. Mud Tubes 

Workers make mud tubes using saliva and dirt to shield themselves from predators and dry air as they look for food. You can find mud tubes near your crawl spaces, foundation, or exposed woody areas. Do not be fooled into thinking the termites are gone when you break mud tubes and find them empty. The termites have likely moved to another food source nearby. Engage a termite control team to eradicate them right away.

3. Termite Droppings

Not all termites use their droppings to build tunnels. Some expel it out to have enough space to move and eat. Termite droppings look like sawdust because it is basically digested wood. You will likely find it at the entrance of their nests or next to infested wood. Seek a pest control service to save your home from further damage when you see droppings.

4. Home Damage

Termites may be small, but they can cause costly home damage when they join efforts. If you have trouble closing doors, your wood could be warped due to termite damage. Also, if your wall is peeling, discolored, or bulging, or your wood makes hollow sounds when you tap them, then you need no more signs that it is time to call a termite control service. 

Termites can ruin your home in many ways, leading to high repair costs. The sooner you spot and eliminate them, the better. So if any of the above signs sound familiar, seek professional termite control services without delay. The experts will treat your home and eliminate termites to protect your house and loved ones.

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