Tips To Keep Pests Out Of Your Home This Summer

The summer season is a time for going out and about but you and your family are not the only ones who are up to more activity than usual. Summer can also be a high season for a variety of different pests that are now well out of hibernation and looking for ways to create new nests or habitats. Some may even be looking to set up base inside your home. If you want to keep your house pest free this summer, here are some tips that might help.

Be Mindful of Outdoor Vegetation and Landscaping

Summer is a time to add some fresh flowers or plants to your front and back yard but be mindful of where you are putting this vegetation and watch that it doesn't grow too close to your house. Plants and flowers can attract pests and if the vegetation is close enough to your home, a pest could use the vegetation as a bridge to your window, door, or another potential point of entry. Try to keep some space between your house and the start of your landscaping.

Bring Out the Caulk and Weatherstripping

You can of course also reinforce your doors and windows to ensure that any pests that do get too close will have trouble getting in. Bring out the caulk from the garage and purchase some new weather strips for the doors at the local department or hardware store. In addition to sealing potential trouble spots, you could consider installing screens for your windows or even installing a screen door for your main point of entry into the house if you don't already have it.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Summer can be a time for entertaining friends and family and perhaps that means cooking more than usual. Make sure you are cleaning up after every meal and that guests are cleaning up after themselves. Leave one too many crumbs lying around and you will be more likely to attract pests.

Ensure a Seal for Your Garbage Can

Once the leftovers from the kitchen are outside in the garbage can, make sure the can is closed all the way and properly sealed. The hot summer weather could cause food leftovers in the can to start stinking more than usual and a can that is not sealed properly will allow pests to detect the scent and try to get inside.

Seek Professional Pest Control

If at any point while trying to stay on top of the above steps you notice signs of trouble, you should hire a professional sooner rather than later. A pest control expert will find every last pest and eradicate them from your property and may also have additional advice for how you can keep the pests from coming back in the future.

For more information, contact a pest control service near you.

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